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Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE) is a Non Profit 501(C)(3) Organization addressing the Young Women Students in India by providing them with higher and continuing education at no cost. 

We believe that Women Education is key to the economic empowerment of women.Lack of financial resources is one of the major reasons that hinder girl students to pursue quality higher education and fulfill their dreams. 

We are committed to serving and  providing higher education to the needy and deserving women students by Awarding them with Scholarships to complete their education which will  make them independent and self reliant.

Women Empowerment will be more relevant only if women are educated. Women’s empowerment ensures that women and girls have control over their lives and are able to participate actively in social, political, and economic domains.  An educated women will have the skills, information and confidence that she needs to be a better parent, worker and citizen.   

We believe that  Educated Women will have a happier and healthier future    Empowering Women Changes the World!

To donate by check:

 Make your check out to “Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE)” and mail it to:
The Companion of Women and Children Empowerment-COWOCE,
Mwabundu Street,
P.O.BOX 67,
+255 754245206
+255 763381400