Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE), is Non- Government Organization geared at promoting human rights and Community Development. The Organization working on different issues such as building capacities of the communities in the identification and responding to environmental protection, creating community awareness on the rights of women, elderly and children in partnership with other legal institutions, community awareness on HIV/AIDs pandemic and how the community can prevent itself against new infection and support people living with HIV/AIDs, empowering the Community so as to strengthen education and vocational rehabilitation programs for attaining self-sustaining economies and to empower and support Vulnerable Children access education and medical support.

Our Mission

”To empower Women, Children and the community with the right tools that help them to fight diseases, ignorance, poverty and all forms of discrimination through education, empowerment and participation

Our Vision

”To see a community where women, children and elders who are empowered, environment are protected, healthy with stable economy”

Our Activity

What We Do

COWOCE implement community-based Health Education and promotion programs aiming at building the capacity of youth, individuals, and community members in health and economic development

  • Enhanced rights and access to justice among women, children, and People with disabilities
  • Ensure economic and social empowerment for women and youth through training and advocacy
  • Promote quality education to children and youth
  •  Enhance prevention of behavior, cultural issues, and attitude. However, COWOCE implements community-based Health Education and promotion programs aiming at building the capacity of women and youth, individuals, and community members in health and economic development.


The goal of COWOCE is to ensure community in Tanzania (Women, Youth, Children, People with Disability) LGA officials and leaders with information. And capacity to challenges and take relevant measure to reduce the impact through community mobilization, capacity building, advocacy & strengthening of people at the grass root level

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Helena Charles

I am very grateful to COWOCE through the Tanzania Development Trust for providing us with a Pig Project, this project is very good and will enable me to send my children to school without any problems. By getting pigs and training not only tobe commercial farmers but also using pig manure as another source of food security. I have managed to have a better maize crops using pig manure

Elizabeth Charles

Congratulations to the Tanzania Development Trust (TDT) and their Partner Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE) for providing us Pigs, Pig is money any time, and I believe now the daily needs of our families are no longer a problem. I ask for the continuation of this project for other women, as they say Chukua mbili rudisha mbili, I will give back so that other women can benefit stated

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